ABUS Activities Information about the coronavirus

Here you will find continuous information about the activities and measures we are undertaking to ensure that you can count on ABUS as usual during the coronavirus period. At the moment, the main objectives are to maintain the health of our staff and the ability to deliver and advise our customers.

Update July 28th, 2020

Recently, we may welcome visitors to the KranHaus again. The well-known hygiene concept includes the possibility of a KranHaus visit as well as a factory tour using a shuttle bus.

Our supply chains are still stable and the plants are producing at normal level.

Update April 17th, 2020

Currently, our 30 sales representatives (in Germany) use preferably the phone or the video conference to advise our customers. Since in many cases an on-site consultation is essential, we will come to see our customers personally on request, subject to compliance with the hygiene and physical distancing rules.

The ABUS plants continue to produce at almost normal level and the supply chains are stable. Delivery dates are currently not endangered and cranes are installed, inspected and repaired at customers' premises, provided the necessary hygiene and physical distancing rules can be observed. Please do not hesitate to contact, at an early stage, your project manager in the event of a postponement, this is our daily business.

Update March 27th, 2020

Fortunately, erection and mounting of cranes continued mostly unhindered this week, and many customers can now use their cranes efficiently in their production.

Update March 20th, 2020

Supply chains remain stable, current projects are not endangered.

To maintain business operations, measures such as the physical separation of important functional areas to different locations and the extended introduction of shift operations were implemented.

As more and more employees are working in the home office, but as we would like to continue to ensure fast response times, we kindly ask you to always use one of the following contact options in case of service issues:

  • Service in the event of a breakdown of a crane: 02261 37-7000
  • Spare parts enquiries / orders: 02261 37- 7100

Update March 16th, 2020

The ABUS coronavirus crisis management team now counts 5 members who coordinate the measures at the different company’s sites.

Update March 13th, 2020

Ability to deliver and situation of supply chains: The ability to deliver is currently not restricted and our different plants are producing at normal level.

The KranHaus is now closed for customer visits, and product training with on-site presence is also suspended.

Security measures: Extensive activities have been initiated and internal instructions given to effectively contain the spread of the coronavirus. Among other things, all employees have been requested:

  • To comply with the relevant hygiene and physical distancing rules
  • Not to undertake business trips, seminars etc.
  • To reduce internal meetings to the absolute minimum

February 2020

With the beginning of the crisis we started to increase our stock in order to ensure the ability to deliver. In addition, we are intensifying communication with our strategic, particularly important suppliers.