Three EOT cranes at steel engineering factory in the Czech Republic

If you were to travel by train in the Czech Republic and had to cross a railway bridge made of steel you could be almost certain that this construction would contain elements made by the company MCE Slany s.r.o. This company counts among the most important producers of steel constructions and bridges in the Czech Republic mainly producing for the inland market, however, exports also go to Germany and Austria. Specialising in steel bridges entails demanding transport jobs with very heavy loads of up to 100 tons.

3 ABUS tvåbalkskranar ZLK i Slany i Tjeckien ABUS dubbelbalkskran ZLK Företaget Slany i Tjeckien med 3 ABUS tvåbalkskranar med två bärverk ABUS tvåbalkskran med två bärverk vid Slay i Tjeckien 3 ABUS tvåbalkiga traverskranar på Slay i Tjeckien

Two ABUS double girder EOT cranes ZLK with a span of 22.5 metres and a load capacity of 50 tons each (each crane comes equipped with two hoists with 32 tons lifting capacity each) and another double girder crane with 25 tons lifting capacity (and an auxiliary hoist of 5 tons) have been installed in the plant at Slany to master the transport of the bulky and heavy steel construction elements. One technical specialty of this crane system is that two cranes work in a so-called master-slave mode in tandem operation controlled by radio remote control, i.e. the emitter of the master crane allows to control both cranes simultaneously in the tandem mode.

This project has been designed and carried out by ABUS’ Czech representative, the company ITECO s.r.o ( situated at Brno. ITECO has been looking after ABUS’ customers in the Czech and Slovak markets in need of standard cranes since 1999. ITECO also made use of ABUS’ components when customised solutions have been required. The design engineers together with the technical engineers at ITECO would also be delighted to advise customers and investors alike on questions concerning upcoming projects and tailor-made solutions of material flow on the occasion of the Engineering Trade Fair at Brno taking place between September 13 and 17, 2010.

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