Noremat—a specialist for the upkeep of roadside verges—uses ABUS products

Noremat ( is a family-owned private company founded in 1981 at Ludres near Nancy in the northeast corner of France.
The company Noremat is engaged in designing and marketing solutions for the maintenance of road verges, for the upkeep of the landscape, and for green waste recycling. Noremat was founded so that qualified specialised services could be offered to professional customers who required all types of tools and machinery to be fitted to carrying vehicles—such as tractors—for vegetation maintenance. The company also offers repair and maintenance of the equipment. In a second step Noremat developed its own vehicle attachment machinery under the label of “NR”, Noremat Renforcé. They have been engaged in designing this innovative equipment since 1989. Today they are engaged in the development and the distribution of more environmentally friendly equipment for roadside verge maintenance and recycling of green waste.

The name of Noremat says it all: it stands for “NOuvelle REntabilité du MATériel” which means “modern and efficient equipment”. Noremat has a workforce of 215 persons and an annual turnover of about 42 million Euros. The company focuses on listening to its customers and to provide them with a local service. Not only the products but also the service involved is of great importance to Noremat.

 Väggmonterad svängkran LW med en lastkapacitet på 250 kg i företaget Noremat Pelarmonterad svängkran LS med en räckvidd på 4 m och en lastkapacitet på 1 ton ABUS-kranar lönar sig med hög kundnöjdhet Enbalkskran ELV med en lastkapacitet på 1,6 ton i ett franskt företag 4 väggmonterade lyftkranar typ LW - 500 kg med en räckvidd på 5 m. Väggmonterad svängkran för montering av enheter och komponenter på Noremat.

These company values have led Noremat to work together with ABUS Levage France (, the French daughter company of ABUS Kransysteme GmbH, in a lasting and trustful partnership. Noremat is a longstanding customer who is dynamic and active in trading with ABUS.

The last ten years in particular have seen a good number of orders passed. ABUS Levage France has supplied two chain hoists (one GM4 with 1 tonne SWL and one GM2 with 500 kg lifting capacity), one wall jib crane LW with 250 kg lifting capacity and a reach of 2.5 metres, two EOT cranes of the ELV type with 3.2 tonnes SWL and spans of 10.23 and 11.28 metres respectively, one EOT crane type ELK also with 3.2 tonnes SWL and a span of 23.3 metres. ABUS Levage France has also supplied a pillar jib crane LS with 1 tonne load capacity and a reach of 4 metres. All this lifting equipment supplied to Noremat is employed in the assembly of the machinery for the maintenance of road verges, for the upkeep of the landscape, and for green waste recycling.

After Noremat had started to enter the Latin American market they saw an increase in activities which led them to buy new machinery. In November 2013 they ordered more cranes from ABUS. ABUS Levage France installed 4 wall jib cranes LW with 500 kg SWL and reaches of 5 metres, one pillar jib crane VS also with 500 kg SWL and a reach of 6 metres, one EOT crane ELV with 1.6 tonnes load capacity and a span of 7 metres, a steel structure and a runway. The standard wall jib cranes are mounted on reinforced posts.

All these cranes were delivered between December 2013 and February 2014. The supply of these cranes allows Noremat to increase its productivity and to optimise and to streamline its load handling. Noremat is a satisfied customer for whom ABUS Levage France has worked for many years.

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