ABUS EOT cranes with electric chain hoists in Mexico

The project consists of two closed bays. The first bay houses components for voltage transformation substations with capacities of 400 kV with SF6 circuit-breakers. The second bay is home to substations with a power of 230 kV. Assemblage of the substations is taking place in both bays and the transformers are transported from there to their respective final destinations.

The company TASACA, short for Tecnologías de Automatización SACA (www.tasaca.com), acting as the intermediary engineering office, was awarded the contract for this project. TASACA was founded in 2009 and has quickly established a name for itself in the field of development, support, and realisation of demanding projects. These include in particular projects involving infrastructure, construction of turnkey projects, voltage transformation substations for medium and high voltage supplies as well as subterranean medium and high voltage lines. TASACA’s customers include private companies such as the company Maquinaria ICGSA from the electro industry as well as public sector companies such as CFE, the Mexican power supplier, and CONAGUA, the nationwide water utilities company.

The major challenge of this project consisted in the fact that CFE runs its own test laboratories to check the quality of products before purchasing them. Only equipment goods that have passed these tests successfully will be considered for purchase. However, with this project it was not possible for ABUS hoists to be tested in the CFE laboratories as such tests usually require the design and the construction of prototypes. This did initially constitute an insurmountable barrier for the participation in the tender; however, this was overcome by the provision of several references for other substations. TASACA contacted the Mexican ABUS partner, the company Crane Systems Suba (www.cranesystemssuba.com) for this purpose. Crane Systems Suba was able to point out several voltage transformation substations already running different ABUS EOT cranes.

Two identical single girder EOT cranes of the ELK type were installed in one of the bays. These cranes have load capacities of 3.2 tonnes and spans of 12.8 metres. One single girder crane of the ELV type with 4 tonnes SWL and a span of 9.8 metres is operating in the other bay. Both crane types use electric chain hoists for lifting purposes in this project. The chain hoists fitted are the largest hoists in the ABUS chain hoist series ABUCompact, the GM8, with maximum load capacities of 4 tonnes. Maximum hook paths of 16 metres are possible for the two fall versions of the GM8. In particular in the lower load capacity range it is particularly recommendable to use EOT cranes in combination with electric chain hoists. Electric chain hoists have the advantage of being easy to use, have high duty cycles and low dead weights as well as easy maintainability. It is easy to set overload protections from the outside via preconfigured friction clutches. Only a few screws have to be unscrewed in the event of chains having to be replaced. The chains are then pulled out together with the chain guides and replaced by new ones.

When ABUS chain hoists are not used in connection with EOT cranes then their main use in usually in connection with light weight cranes such as ABUS jib cranes or ABUS suspended rail systems. The chain hoists are also suitable to be used in stationary applications: the hinged suspension brackets make these chain hoists easy to install and to be used for the feeding of machinery for example.

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