ABUS EOT crane at manufacturer of plastic piping systems in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Plastic pipes for multiple applications
The company Corys Plastic Industries (www.hepworth.ae) was founded in Dubai over forty years ago. Today they produce plastic piping systems and parts for the most diverse applications in several production plants in the United Arab Emirates, in Oman and in Qatar, and employ over 450 staff. The plastic pipes can be up to twelve metres long and are used in water supply, in wastewater treatment, in irrigation systems, and in other industries for the transport of liquid and gaseous substances. Corys Plastic Industries offer their customers products according to their requirements: either products made of common plastics such as PVC and PU, or those made of special plastics with high-tech coating systems are offered depending on which substances need transportation and the individual requirements of the material such as temperature, pressure, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. Related components such as valves, hydrants, and interceptors complete the product portfolio. The whole product range is sold by a network of agents in the Middle East and North Africa.

ABUS EOT crane for the production in Abu Dhabi
The company ACE Cranes (www.acecranes.com), the ABUS partner in the United Arab Emirates, supplied Corys Plastic Industries with a double girder EOT crane ZLK with an impressive span of 37.51 metres and a safe working load of 7 tonnes in February 2019. The challenging factors of this project were not only the huge span of the crane but also the low head clearance, i.e. there was not much space above the crane track. In view of these dimensional challenges in the production plant of the customer, ACE Cranes devised a crane solution involving a low-built double-rail trolley in the DA design. This type of trolley has the hoist sitting on an articulated frame which is mounted between the two end carriages so that a minimum crab unit height is achieved and the available space utilised optimally. All wire rope hoists in the D range—particularly often used in the medium load capacity range—are characterised by articulated travelling gear connections guaranteeing that all four wheels are touching their respective runways at all times. The hoist type used in this present application, DA, as well as the wire rope hoist variation DQA, are available in SWLs of up to 40 tonnes.

The crane has a lifting height of 7.5 metres and is used to transport bundles of plastic pipes, six and twelve metres long, over a length of 70 metres across the plant. The EOT crane is also employed to carry out regular maintenance work on machinery used to produce the piping systems. More machinery is slated to be added so that larger dimensioned plastic pipes can be produced in the future.

Corys Plastic Industries continue to expand
Corys Plastic Industries plan to expand further in Abu Dhabi during this year and they also plan to use more ABUS cranes for the extended production plant. ACE Cranes have many longstanding customers in the UAE such as Corys Plastic Industries but are also active in crane projects in Saudi-Arabia, in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and in Kuwait. There are already various ABUS cranes in operation in this region in different industrial sectors.

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