ABUS EOT and jib cranes at Swedish manufacturer of special profiles

The profiles of the Swedish company Stålprofil AB (www.stalprofil.se) are an important safety feature in public buildings and services: built into doors, entry areas or dividing walls they remain mostly invisible but have important safety functions such as being fire insulating or bullet resistant. Stålprofil AB has developed from family business into worldwide active supplier during the company’s history since its inception in 1987. At present, in excess of twenty staff ensure that these profiles can be built into the embassy in China or used in the multifunctional arena called “Scandinavium” in Gothenburg. In addition to the safety-relevant profiles described above other profiles are manufactured for facades, non-corrosive profiles and insulated steel profiles with broken thermal bridges.

Stålprofil AB bought its first ABUS EOT crane as far back as 1987. In mid-2018 the company moved to Uddevalla in order to start operation in a large production plant, 6,000 square metres in total, on the former Volvo Car premises. Several other companies have relocated to the former Volvo premises that also employ ABUS cranes, for example the company Bender who produce concrete components (project of the month October 2018).

Stålprofil AB got back in touch with JJ Gruppen in Kungsbacka, the local partner of ABUS Kransystem AB, when they needed EOT cranes and jib cranes for their new building. JJ Gruppen had already supplied the first cranes to Stålprofil AB and had carried out service and maintenance of these cranes. JJ Gruppen assisted Stålprofil AB with finding the right crane systems for their new building. The new building consists of four long bays, 72 metres long to be precise, and features low ceilings. When measurements were taken on site it transpired that a clearance of 4.60 metres up to the lower edge of the crane tracks would be available and that it would thus be possible to load and unload HGVs driving into the hall.

60 tonnes of steel were required to build the four crane tracks and these had to be installed in extremely confined spaces. 5 single girder EOTs of the ELV type are now up and running on the crane tracks of 72 and 48 metre lengths respectively. The ELVs have SWLs of 2 tonnes and spans between 15 and 17 metres long. All cranes come with frequency converters and radio remote controls ABURemote. The loads suspended from the hooks are displayed to the crane users in the displays of the radio remote controls. In addition to the EOT cranes responsible for the transport of goods throughout the entire area of the bays one workplace related stationary crane was installed: a pillar jib crane VS with a load capacity of 1 tonne and a jib arm length of 7 metres. This jib crane, too, is operated via radio remote control.

Stålprofil AB is satisfied that they are well prepared for the future and further expansion of the company with their new building and optimised crane and lifting technology from ABUS.

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