ABUS cranes in the world’s most modern production facility for telescopic conveyors in Latvia

Caljan (www.caljan.com), the Latvian subsidiary of the Danish manufacturer of conveyor belts, have equipped their new production facility with 13 ABUS EOT cranes and two ABUS jib cranes. Caljan have been active in Latvia since 2006 already. With the opening of the new production facility the company intend on the one hand to expand their product range and on the other hand to increase production for export by 30 to 60% as early as next year. Over 99% of the products—primarily telescopic conveyors for postal parcels—go to the export market. Caljan’s customer list include well-known and internationally active companies such as Amazon, eBay, Zalando, FedEx, DHL, Hermes, Michelin, and Adidas. Mr Gatis Dradeika, the head of the Latvian subsidiary, emphasised that the production expansion was the next logical step for them to take: e-commerce is growing continuously and rapidly at present and with it the demand for equipment like that offered by Caljan.

ABUS EOT cranes fitted with crane control ABUControl and radio remote control ABURemote

Strele Industrial (www.streleindustrial.com), the ABUS representation in the Baltic States, have supplied Caljan with a total of 13 single girder EOT cranes with spans of 22.5 metres and SWLs of between 5 and 10 tonnes. Two pillar jib cranes types LSX and VS with lifting capacities of 250 and 500 kgs respectively complete the delivery.

All EOT cranes are equipped with the ABUControl crane control systems: this enables new cranes to function according to the application situations and the crane operators. These functions include, among others, anti-sway control, synchronisation control when using two hoists on one crane, and the configuration of travel and lifting profiles. The standard version already includes trolley and crane travel; for the lifting movement a frequency converter “lifting” is required in addition.

Caljan operate the EOT cranes throughout the complete production process from the welding of the steel components to the final assembly of the finished products. It is particularly important to Caljan that the loads can be positioned with great precision. Strele therefore recommended the use of the ABUControl crane control system: thus, the configuration of travel profiles as well as anti-sway controls not only ensure that Caljan are able to position loads in very precise ways but they also contribute to increasing productivity.

All EOT cranes are operated and controlled with the ABURemote Button radio remote control. The crane operators can use the radio remote controls to directly activate or deactivate functions such as the anti-sway controls depending on the loads to be transported or the transport tasks. The weight of the loads in the hook are shown on the display of the ABURemotes and also on an LED displays on the cranes and can thus be read easily even from a greater distance depending on the sizes of the LED displays: a plus in safety for men and machines.

Mr Tomas Kavaliauskas, CEO of Strele Industrial, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that one of the largest manufacturing plants in Latvia—measured by the number of cranes installed—is now equipped with ABUS crane and lifting technology.

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